Information on Permanent Hair Removal via Electrolysis

Electrolysis Facts / Electrolysis Process / Preparation / Aftercare

General Information

Electrolysis Facts

Electrolysis Process

The electolysis process involves treating individual hair follicles, using a very fine, sterilized disposable probe inserted into the follicle along the hair shaft. It destroys the source of germinating cells and nourishment for the hair, eliminating future hair growth from that follicle. The regenerative ability of the hair follicle is permanently eliminated. Progress somewhat depends on the skill and judgment of your electrologist. Because of hair growth cycles, a treatment course will involve a series of appointments. Individual hairs have a growth cycle of sixteen weeks, a fact which is taken into consideration when creating a treatment plan.

Prescott Valley Electrolysis offers a private consultation with the staff electrologist. During this time you can learn more about electrolysis, discuss your hair removal goals, and ask questions. A treatment strategy will then be recommended.

Preparation and Aftercare

BEFORE Your Appointment (Preparation)

AFTER Your Appointment (Home Care Instructions)

Depending skin type, redness and/or swelling following treatment may occur. This is normal and temporary, and will disappear 30 minutes to one hour after treatment with proper aftercare.